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We have published several apps designed to work on Phones, Tablets and Computers. Our apps are all natively designed for Android, IOS and Windows 10 operating systems. Our apps work on all modern devices which run these systems and we strive hard to support old devices as far as practical.

Utility tool apps

Get Geo-Coordinates

This app provide you the latitude and longitude geo-coordinates of the place where you are with your device, in degree decimals and also in degrees-minutes-seconds. The App also tries to provide a list of nearby places based on the location found.

Units Converter

This app helps you to convert the units of measurements for Length / Distance, Mass / Weight, Area, Volume, Temperature and Time. You can convert a value from the chosen unit to other units. e.g. kg to grams, kg to pound, miles to kilometers, miles to yards, etc. 

Pocket CashBook

This app can be used for maintaining cash books, expense trackers and income trackers using the concept of Single-entry bookkeeping system. Its an accountant in your pocket.

 Simple List

This app helps in creating and sharing simple Shopping Lists and Checklists. Simply list down items as and when you remember, and then track them as pending / complete when you review your lists


This app caters to your time-keeping and time-recording needs. Its a simple screen to record and review timesheet for various purposes.

 Pocket Atlas

This app helps you find information about countries of the world. You can quickly find the basic details of any country e.g. its flag, capital, continent, region, country code, telephone calling code, internet domain, timezone.

 Pocket OrderBook

This app can be used for maintaining purchase and sale order books in a simple user-friendly manner. Its a simple ordering and tracking system.

Train Route Planner Apps

City Metro

This app helps you find Metro / Underground / Subway / Monorail / Light Rail / Tram / Train routes which can be used to travel from one location to another in your chosen city. 

The app supports several cities and more are to be added soon.

Train Timetable apps

Mumbai Local Train Timetable

This app provides information about Mumbai suburban/local train services running between two train stations at or after a given time of day.