This app caters to your time-keeping and time-recording needs.

You can record actual time spent on various activities and also schedule upcoming time events.

For each time record you store the basic information of Start Date-Time, End Date-Time, Duration, Task done, Regular/Overtime task. Also you can store a lot of optional information like Project, Job, Costcenter, Customer, Partner, Short narration of task, Billable-NonBillable-Personal, Billing Rate, Billing Value.

The time records displayed for the chosen dates can be grouped by a variety of grouping options.

You have got an option to export the time records for a chosen date range to a HTML file which can be saved or printed.

The app learns and saves the details as you type them. You can also add / edit / delete those elements manually through settings. The settings also allow you to format dates and times as desired.

This app can work completely offline.

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