Pocket OrderBook

This app can be used for maintaining purchase and sale order books. Its a simple ordering and tracking system.

You can record orders swiftly and with ease. On each order you must enter a date, amount and an account head. Additionally you may enter a partner, narration, quantity, payment method and classification. 

You can track the quantity delivered and invoiced against each Order, you can also mark the delivery or invoice status for several orders.

The orders can be grouped by date, partner, item, currency, etc parameters. You can also sort the orders by different methods.

You have got an option to export a book for a chosen date range to a HTML file. Or alternatively you can export the same to a HTML email ready for you to send. You can also print a book / order if required.

The app learns and saves the account heads, partners and payment methods as you type them. You can also add / edit / delete these elements manually through settings. The settings also allow you to format dates as desired.

This app can work completely offline.

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