City Metro Route Planner

This app helps you find Metro / Underground / Subway / Monorail / Light Rail / Tram / Train routes which can be used to travel from one location to another in your chosen city. 

The app supports the cities as listed below*. You can choose any city to search for travel routes in it.

This app is an alternative to finding train routes by looking for lines and station connections on the Map. The App determines the routes in a manner which is quite similar to how any person will interpret the routes from the Map.

You can either select stations from a drop-down list or type the station names or allow the app to suggest your nearest stations by using your Geo-coordinates.

The search provides you with a list of alternative routes which can be used to travel from the source to destination station. It provides you with the number of line changes and station stops involved in each route. 

You can also view the detailed station list for each route. You can long tap on any station name from the list to see it on online map. 

You can filter out the lines to narrow down the stations, connections and routes to be searched.

This app can work completely offline. The app does not collect any personally identifiable information.

* more cities will added to this list, do write to us if you would like us to consider adding your city soon

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