Pocket CashBook

This app can be used for maintaining cash books, expense trackers and income trackers using the concept of Single-entry bookkeeping system.

You can maintain the cash books having receipts and payments in one chosen currency. You can record transactions in expense and income trackers in any currency.

The app provides a Transactions view to record receipts and / or payments. And it also provides a Summary view to report on recorded receipts and payments.

You can record transactions for any date and the app updates the balances and totals accordingly. On each transaction you must enter a date, amount and an account head. Additionally you may enter a narration, quantity, payment method and classification.

You have got an option to export a book / receipt for a chosen date range to a HTML file which can be saved to a desired location. Or alternatively you can export the same to a HTML attachment in an email ready for you to send. You can also print the book / receipt using print function.

The app learns and saves the account heads and payment methods as you type them. You can also add / edit / delete these elements manually through settings. The settings also allow you to format dates as desired.

This app can work completely offline.

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